Stanley Michael - Here Come The Kids Lyrics

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Here Come The Kids Lyrics
from "Inside Moves", 1986, MSB Records

I made it through the rites of passage
Thought I finally saw the light
Then everyone cut their hair...
just when I got mine right

Oh, all the weekend warriors...
and the armies of the night
Ah, too cool--nobody's fool...
running with all their might

And I don't know where we're going
Then again, I never did...

And they gonna do what they want
Just the way that we did
And it's gonna be alright now
Look out now--here come the kids...

Don't stop and think about it
It'll do things to your mind
'Cause Daddy's 'little girl'--out in the world--
who knows what she'll find...

So, all you sidewalk heroes
with your hair piled high tonight
Ah, don't make fun, 'cause I was one, and I know
just what you're like...


Ain't nothing you can do about it, baby
Time marches on...and on
You gotta give 'em something to remember
something to remember when we're gone
'cause look out--here they come
And there's a thunder on the highway
Tomorrow's on the run...


--words & music by Michael Stanley & Bob Pelander

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