Stanley Michael - Coming Up For Air Lyrics

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Coming Up For Air Lyrics
from "Coming Up For Air", 1996, Intersound Music Inc.

There's a dark wind out of the desert tonight
And sometimes...she has your name
Like a lover burned, like a deal gone bad
And nothing...will ever be the same...

In a heartbeat
...everything changes
In a heartbeat one is there
In a heartbeat
...all you can do is try
coming up for air...

Well you've fought before, but it's not like this
Cause this lose and you're gone
Down the dark refrain of the devil's kiss
There's nothing to do...but soldier on...


And you find you're
removed standing outside
looking in as the time starts
to crawl
Over faces and places and
lovers and friends
that spin through the
darkness you fall
As you ricochet now from
composure to tears
you wonder if maybe that's all

all the time that you get
No more hedging your bets...


--words & music by Michael Stanley

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