Stanley Michael - Broken Radio Lyrics

Stanley Michael Lyrics

Broken Radio Lyrics
from "The Ghost Poets", 1993, Razor & Tie Music Corp.

It's a sad situation, I can't talk about it much
Way to grab some magic, way to keep in touch
Like a never-ending friend, where the truth remains unspoken
Hammer down, not a sound, my radio is broken

It's been with me since my younger days
I'd lie awake at night
to a clear channel mainlining watts of holy light
Heard the black guys down in Memphis,
The white boys from L.A.
There was something there in the air
But now it's gone away

Turn it up, here we go...broken radio
Big dreams, soul screams...broken radio
Dirty bars, two guitars...broken radio
Shake those hips and sync those lips...
...broken radio

I remember what was playing
when they told me Jack was gone
Can't forget the one Mary said would be our song
Was a soundtrack for the passion
A comfort through the years
It's the kind of rush I miss so much
It ain't been 'round for years


Now you can tell me that it's over
The time for me is past
But I gave my soul to rock 'n' roll
so you can kiss my ass
And take all your consultants
Your focus groups and charts
All I want is just someone
who brings it from the heart


--words & music by Michael Stanley

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