Stanley Michael - A Friend and Nothing More Lyrics

Stanley Michael Lyrics

A Friend and Nothing More Lyrics
from "Michael Stanley", 1973, Tumbleweed Records

She walked out of the rain today
in search of someone's hand to hold
and, as an old friend, I took her in
and waited to be told

She spoke of love gone bad, you see
I listened, as it said I should
Her eyes brought back a thousand times
just like I knew they would

Oh, here I go again
Just where I've been before
...a friend, and nothing more

The tears, they grew much fewer now
her body smelled of autumn's seed
and in my shadows, I recall
about a friend in need

The fire smolders silently
In blanket wrapped, she's sleeping now
and with a kiss she'll give her thanks
All friendship could allow


--words & music by Michael Stanley

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