Stanley Clarke - Swung On Lyrics

Stanley Clarke Lyrics

Swung On Lyrics
Stanley Clarke featuring Politix---Swung On

Politix, 0 and 10
Politix like that
Who the hell you talkin' to?
I will knock the black off you!"

Come on, come on, come on
Come out swingin', ha
Politix, heh heh
Check it out
Check it, check it

Yo, I grab mothaf***** and throw 'em across the room
Hit 'em with the boom, bam, Gotti
Might body slam a n****
Drop that cat even if he is bigger
See, I know more Kung Fu than Hoof Digger
And I smack a n**** before I squeeze the trigga
Let me hit ya with a smack to the grill
And move you back to the real
You suckas act like ya thrilled
Your whole style's chump, tryna front like you dumb
Huh, what, you just a drunk f***** punk
About to get your nose broke, nobody likes those folk
Watch out for them brothas with them swelled flows
You tryna get away, we stickin' you like velcro
I'm steady steppin' over all the posers
I spit the cool lyrics and it froze ya
Just for a second made ya think
Realize we on a break, no time to blink
The future's now, products of life and times
Be responsible and use your mind
Cuz I'm quick on my feet like a kick from Jack D
That you did not expect, now there's pain in your neck
Shake it off, yo, you gon' live
Just pay more attention to the gifts we give
Bout to get swung on, bringin' violence to me
I ain't f***** with y'all, so don't be f***** with me
You could get swung on if you ain't actin' right
Did you ever think you would get smacked tonight?

Swingin' on 'em
Left rights, right lefts
Upper cuts

Yo, whatever bulls*** you could bring some
My Kung Fu's weigh a ton, about to swing one
Rock you, knock you and I sock you
Lock you, stop you, chop you, trick and drop you
I swung with Kung, but now it's time for hip-hop fool

A fight scene at a club, ain't enough love
Dope beats get hug, focus precise, this thug
All chromes, y'all swept under the rug
Bodies drug, sucka what, show love
Styles and tactics are not ?efwitable?
Don't attempt.. you wanna limp
Futuristic flow, quite terrific like the glow in the baby's eye
We be them guys

Get swung on, bringin' violence to me
I ain't f***** with y'all, so don't be f***** with me
I figure to treat a n**** like a punchin' bag
If he disrespects my space and gets up in my face
Yo, back up, you better back up
Do I gotta hit you?
And get into an altercation with the n***** with you?
I catch that little faker with the hate naked
I swing (bump bump) like we in Jamaica
Yo, we all got fists but y'all got dissed
Whatever, whatever n****, it's all Politix
Universal, J. Thorn, Politix been born
Know that, uh uh

Get swung on
Get swung on
(Smack the black off you)
Get swung on

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