Standstill - The Long Way Home Lyrics

Standstill Lyrics

The Long Way Home Lyrics
Every time the sun sets in the south
The ruthlessness comes out
Kick a policeman in the balls
Pepper spray thrown against the walls

Well joke too much and I drink too much,
I smoke too much then I think too much
It’s all too much
It’s all too much

Be near me when my light is low
The kisses bruise and the needles prick
My dick is hard and my heart is sick
Tell me where to go
Go to school
Go to Hell
But don’t come back ‘round here no more

The louder that I shout, the less you hear me
And even if I bust you in the mouth you couldn’t feel me
Might smell some trees if you’re walkin’ kinda near me
Like a pimple on your nose you can’t conceal me

Turn your lights down low
And turn your lights down low


Those Voices you hear down the hall
Are not even voices at all
Drip drop the cup
Uh-huh (uh-huh)
Okay (Okay)
What’s up (what’s up)

I’m bleeding,
You’re eating
This mind-state

Every word I bust
I reach the core before the crust


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