Stalley - The Highest Lyrics

Stalley Lyrics

The Highest Lyrics
[Verse 1: Stalley]
I'm laying around smoking a pound
Staring at my shorty as she laying down
Perfect angel, perfect figure
She rollin' up another Swisher
Man, this a perfect picture, we can Instagram that
Show the world how we lay back, we vibin' to this Womack
I pull her hair, she love that, she like to play the cat games
But she don't like the pet names
She prefer to be called Queen
So I treat her the same way
This not your typical love, it's not your typical fantasy
This union here, started a family
My top canidate, these girls can't compete
The polls is closed, they can't walk in the open-toes
Sit in the two-seater, smokin' O's
Birkin and Céline, she got both of those
And, she don't care about either
She, more concerned if I leave here
I'm, more concerned about reefer
Man I ain't going nowhere
I know it's cheaper to keep her
And she don't do no wrong, and she be home
Every time I need her, can't always vent through the speaker
Or share my feelings to the world, so she's my secret keeper
She knows all my vices, all my life crisis
She's my perfect sidekick, my hybrid
When I feel like I'm dying, my Heimlich
She gives me another life, it's amazing and priceless
The highest

[Hook: Crystal Torres]
You know you get me the highest baby
You know you take to higher places
You know you get me the highest baby
I know your only mistress is Mary Jane
Mary Jane [x3]

[Verse 2: Stalley]
She seems to be all that I think about
All I fiend for, all I'm seeking out
She gives me cottonmouth and green tipped fingers
Keeps me sane and at ease around these fake niggas
With her, I don't take pictures
She's more my private thing
In public we don't ever hang
I take her on my private plane
30 feet up higher mane
Paper planes and pink champagne
I had her out in East LA
With my main Mexican Jose
Cuervo in my Chevrolet, seven tray
Blasting Michelle Olé
Slow motion, switching lanes
Up on three wheels, tilting frame
This is how I deal with fame, Mary Jane
Comfort me from all this pain
Please don't talk, just listen babe
This is what I'm missing babe
Your purple lips, your brown frame
White clouds surround me
You take me to a different place than anyone around me
Never share, you keep you to myself
No one else can try this, the highest

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