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Summer In America Lyrics
[Hook: Rashad]
Sunshine, Chevy outside
Cleaning my ride
Summer in America
Speakers blast
The summers like cash
Comes and goes so fast
Summer in America
The grind in my old school time
For my skin to shine
Yeah, whoa yeah
Yeah, whoa yeah
Summer in America

[Verse 1: Stalley]
And the winter just passed
Every year feels like it overlaps
Then when them months be longer, so it's quiet where they hustle and trap
But when the sun peak, everybody doubling back
Chevelle keys, a couple of straps
Mobbing for a couple of stacks
These young boys is hungry
So they running up where they holding them at
Black mask with no gloves
One blast with no love
Banging out with blue fuzz
Front page, you know us
Way to the start the summer off, my foes is back at it again
The rest of us is trying to relax and put this smoke up in the wind
Listening to these blendtapes
Close your eyes and try to escape to a place far away
This Middle America heartache
Turned into a car race
Somehow I find peace in my '73 Caprice
It's like my mobile motif
My holy sancturary
Where all worries are drowned out and buried
So keep them lames from anywhere near me
You hear me

[Bridge: Rashad]
(Leaning to the side, but you can't speed through
Two miles per hour, so everybody sees you)
Summer in America
(Adjust the bass and let the Alpine blast)


[Verse 2: Stalley]
Basketball parks is packed
Chevy's out front and back
Dope boys is shooting Mac
To them bopping hoodrats trying to fill they seats up
Go ahead, recline, put your feet up
To this pimping baby
Caprice move like a Mercedes with better features
Bench chairs, 10 inch speakers, we OG riding
Roll down the windows, turn the sounds up, no lean for hiding
This is something and we left all that cold behind us
Shook off the rain clouds
50 thou down the drain now
Crazy how it rains now
We came up then came down
A hundred spoke gold D's, candy through the frame now
What an American summer
A season never affected by how we carry the others
This for the muscle riders and all of my lovers
The kid inside us that can't wait for these summers cause they be


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