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Spaceships & Woodgrain Lyrics
Going on at the beginning, uh... oh ok I do her like, okay
You want me to click it?
No it's just a bunch of piano
No music or nothing
That is music

Humor me!

[Verse 1:]
I puff a mild listening to Lab Cabin
California smoking roll up filling up the cabin
Captain of the Eldorado riding through Swaggin'
Don't really like that word but it's fitting for this caption
Macking to these ladies when I'm passing
High yella dark skinned got em all packed in
Pass the pack around and it got them all laughing
Joy riding, 15s beating out the back end
White walls and the tires slim
How a playa crawl
Turn a cruise into a playas ball
Midwest Nigga till the armor all
Thickie Shorts and Jordan IVs
Nugget rings and herringbones
Welcome to my terondome
Black magic, push the button and the roof is gone
We been black passing till the mild is gone
We just in our zone
Vibing till we get home
Spaceships travels all the way until the early morn'
And then...

And we ridding till the wheels fall off
Rolling stonin' till the smoke all gone
Wood grain and the wheels all chrome
Roll one for the niggas that's gone
Ladies ride shot gun that hate sitting at home
My niggas who crack the whip who hate ridin' alone
This one's for y'all [x3]
Spaceships and Woodgrain

Spaceships and Woodgrain [x4]

[Verse 2:]
The bubble yum scent got my car fresh
The BCG logo in my headrest
Riding by these haters man they hard pressed
And my new ish bumping in my CD deck
Intelligent Trunk Music for the elite
King Kong trunk tearing up the street a mile away
You can hear it when I pull up
You can tell by my car I got a drug dealer spirit
If I could turn the wheel with one finger I would steer it
Automatic spaceships and I don't mean no Lear jets
I pilot the impala and stroll through the projects
Gold on my neck that's a code of respect
Stock everything out
That's how we roll in my set
Chevelle to corvette big blocks on the inside
Rest in peace to my homie Big fry
Taught me how to tilt
Crank the sound and the ride
Spaceship travelers niggas been fly
And I...

Writer: Kyle Alfonso Myricks
Copyright: Lyrics © Milq300 Publishing, WB Music Corp., Forever Rich
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