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Jackin' Chevys Lyrics
We jackin' Chevys [x4]
Chevy jackin', Chevy jackin', we jakin' Chevys [x2]
We jackin' Chevys
Jack, jackin' Chevys

Parking lot, full of cars
It was yours, now its ours
We jackin' Chevys [x4]

[Verse 1:]
Cruising down the street in your 64
Banging your beats, shining your gold
Went to the store for gas and brews
Then pulled up to the park where they shooting some hoops
A car pulls up, who could it be
My nigga KP in the 20 AZ
Rolled down the window, where'd you get that from
Code snatch him out his ride with this new hand gun
I swear them boys in my hood are always hard
Come flossing around, they'll take your car
See around these parts, Chevy jacking is law
And what's mine is mine and what's yours is ours


[Verse 2:]
While you was up at Foxborough thinking about girls
I was round the way on Lincoln way on boulevard swirls
Traveling out to Canton with the beats in the trunk
With six switches in the floor to make that ass jump
To make that ass jump, 6 switches in the floor to make that ass jump
We make that ass jump, with 6 switches in the floor to make that ass jump
This for the Chevy rollers who love them heavy motors
Cranking steering wheel columns on Monte Carlos and Novas
Taking 12 on a chase, they never gon pull us over
The streets have been taking over, we ride till we burn the motors
Cutting corners with my guys
Five rides, five bowties
Crash those, take more rides
From big trucks, to the low rides

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