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Stalley Lyrics

Go On Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
Early morning and I'm up at it
Throw on my cons and my fresh fabrics
Wahoo fitted, pick my beard incase it's matted
Today I'm at it no time to get comfortable
Cause money comes and money goes
And I done blew a lot of dough taking time slow
So I'm early caught in those
Worm catching, these birds fetching
Tryna nest in my house of leaves like they on my side but they pocket thieves
Shaking bad feathers
I flew through bad weathers without any umbrellas
No rain coat or shelters, days I've seen better so I ain't never let up
Another obstacle every day I get up
It's like I am being pulled down
Funny how I keep my head up
It was slow dough then it sped up
I made my bed up
They say the way you leave your room is how your days determined
Clear space, clear mind
For this money earning

I go on
Cause I done had a pocket full of bread
And I am still on my grind like I ain't ate yet
I go on
Never satisfied on this ride
Only got a certain number of days before I die
I go on
On like a brother tryna reproduce
Just planted the seed and already can smell the fruit
Don't sit on your ass my dude the only one that's gon' be last is you, you

[Verse 2:]
You better get up, get out and get something
Get your hustle on, throw your muscle on
Boss up homie don't let them steer you along
Be your own guy don't let them tell you nothing about your own self
I've been there and felt like I couldn't do it with no help
But they were slow and dumb
And I was rubbing crumbs so imagine how my stomach felt
Pinching pennies like when this money come everything's gonna be straight
And I won't need them I was right I was straight
But never satisfied I need a bigger plate
One taste of success I need it more I couldn't wait
So I came out the gate going harder there's still ends to make
And any day I can pass living every day like the last
Tallying up my slate
Dog I seen it all deflate so I won't sit and wait

[Hook x2]

Don't sit on your ass my dude the only one that's gon' be last is you, you
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