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Stalley Lyrics

Feel The Bass Lyrics
[Verse 1: Stalley]
They don't pay me to talk diamonds
So I reflect on other ways of shinin'
I put time in this safety deposit box
And let it sit next to the Cuban and Rolex watch
I split a Cuban and fill it with the greenest pot
Then plot on other ways, to get my money up cause, Uhh
[Faint echoes: x3] {I just wanna}
I turn anybody, into a loyal customer
Off the words that I utter to ya
It's simple when you come from sewer
And the world a [?]
Life's not to be humor, though it's played like a game
I came for the money, and not for the fame
You can clear my name and clear my face
I just wanna feel the bass
Just take off and just levitate
Puff the J and levitate
On a tense earthquake, I'm from the aviation birthplace
So I'm known to talk Spaceships, Chevy's with the chrome face
Riding by this cold lake, slower than a snowflake
Fallin on the grass blade till it dissolve away in the blink of an eye
I just wanna be somewhere far, I'm always looking for that place
Where I can shine like a star alone, Like the North one
Away from the dipper, see I differ in my rise
I like to be alone when I ride
You can follow me home, but just watch from a distance when I shine
You can see it from a distance when I shine.

L-L-Love the bass [many times]

[Verse 2: Stalley]
Diamond in the back, sunroof top
Diggin' in the scene, bleedin' the block
I'm the leader of the flock, Fleetwood drop
Sixes on the feet, Six switches make it hot
Pull up in the lot, parkin sideways
Hop out in my 5 J's, blastin Backstabbers by the O'Jays
I know these niggas intentive, they be hatin, it's just they ways
Waiting to catch me slipping and cop Trey's, I don't pay 'em no mind
I just bring 'em some shine, while I'm freeing my mind
I told you time and time again, I like the ride when I be in
A state of mind when I can find the word for my pen
Sunk in these seats, I get inspiration from the streets
Observe through the tints and paint a picture on these beats
Of everything I see around me, my life in this glasshouse
A full cup and a half ounce, helps reel off the tell of the tape
And those that can't relate, at least you feeling this bass.

L-L-Love the bass [many times]
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