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Chevys And Space Ships Lyrics
I be driftin on some other ish
Tryin to make money, I'm on my Southern ish
But quietly I'm tryin to be where the money is
Between Chevy's and them Spaceships
[?] is what I'm dying for, but I'm in to hatin shit
Like whack rappers and boppin chicks
Tryin to shake pockets be on some mockin ish
All types of birds in this dirty game
So I keep a couple wolves with some sturdy aim
Be my mobbin ish
Hittin targets from miles away
But usually, this side of my mind is cooped up
But it's out today and it's driftin
Z28 with the shift and Chevy doors lift and
I'm showin out, no more holdin out
And half these niggas don't know what to talk about
So they blabbin out, as far as confidence and throwin bars
My content goes beyond stars
Super stardom, Post-pardon
Emo Joggin, it's all Hardy Har when
It's laughter in the air
So I puff the shisher blow the smoke in the air
And watch through the clouds all these problems disappear
As the ashes fall to the side along with these spheres
They say this type of wisdom comes with years
And I'm wise behind mine, A cold nigga
A Red Diamond out the coal mine, Newly found
So hold time, as I hold mine down
Prince became King, tell em they can give me my crown

Listen people are you ready?
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