Stalley - Boomin' Lyrics

Stalley Lyrics

Boomin' Lyrics
[Intro - Stalley:]
All the way from the South East Side
To the North West Side..
You already know. (Haha!)
Here I am
We all love 77'
Milk City!
The whole Midwest

[Hook - Stalley & (Sample):]
(Boomin) [x7]
Mutherf*ck the police
I'm steady boomin' in the projects

[Verse 1 - Stalley:]
Them junkies keep on coming back & forth, cause they getting sprung
Taste of my dope, yeah it's real, got they tounge numb
When I was 15, going on 16, I was broke as hell
Hanging in the view, you know I had to find some work to sell
Call my brother Yella, he was deep up in the dope game
Asked him for a sack and he was acting real lame
Started with a 16, turn that to a mixtape
Boomin' in these cars, (ha-ha) I got my own bass
So, boom! I'm bunkin. Been getting it since the 90's
Pull up in the hood, hopping out, kissing babies
Now I got the Monte, I'mma get me a Mercedes
And I put that on the Milk, kinda like a missing baby
I'm shining. I'm Gliding. I'm pushing off through Massillon
Getting to this money so its calculated trafficking
Feds steady trying to build a case, but they can't solve it
So f*ck the police, I'm steady boomin' in them projects


[Verse 2 - Stalley:]
I finally got my 'Cedes gold Rollie, and my grill up
Watch me hit the block, you can see the money build up
From the PJ's, on the PJ's with the wheels up
You ain't gotta feel us, we get it how we live, bruh
Started me a label, BCG, blue collar gang
Midwest hustler, do my thing, let my nuts hang
24 hour pharmacy, like a Walgreens
Hustle like a ball team, yeah til' we all clean
Hip-Hop police are on me, they think its more than rap
Used to run the trap, slinging packs, now we running rap
D-Boy selling D, DJ run it back, this the anthem
Marching on the block, till' the bands come
Task Force tried to sweep us out like a sandstorm
Still found a bed full of money I can land on
Didn't do the crack, but this rap got me living large
So, f*ck the police, I'm steady boomin' in them projects

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