Stalley - BCGMMG Remix Lyrics

Stalley Lyrics

BCGMMG Remix Lyrics
[Intro: Stalley]
I just be laughing at these haters...
My laugh is like...
My laugh sound like...

[Verse 1: Stalley]
Drag racin', left the game behind me
I'm zoomin' on these niggas and I don't see nobody
There's no competition and I told you niggas I'd be
Back to put it down, now I'm back with the crown
Crooked C with the pins on it, my kid's life depends on it
So when the pen glowin', and I get goin, I ain't tip toein', I'm stompin'
And them black boots, thug mind
Look at the ish they start
Made a honest man straight heartless... Once in a while I be ski mask mobbin'
Someone pass me the Marlboro, I got somethin' to say boy
Real intelligent ish too, somethin' niggas'll pay for
Got filth under my nails, so I ain't tryna be no playboy
Won't sell you nothin' I ain't boy, see I ain'tfor
That dumb ish
Yea I'll aim at ya nugget
Open that rat hole and I'll plug it
Took my... and I thugged it
Now these lame ass niggas they love it, I does it
For you and you, put it together like two and two
BCGMMG, yea that be my only crew

[Hook: Stalley]
BCGMMG, yea that be my only crew
BCGMMG, yea that be my only crew
BCGMMG, yea that be my only crew
BCGMMG, yea that be my only crew

[Verse 2: Rick Ross]
Drag racin' haters all behind me
Niggas mad at me cause my chrome wheels shinin'
Flag hangin, bosses move in silence
The money came slow, then I started vibin'
Bumpin' Tela nigga "I'm so tired of ballin'"
My new crib got four f*ckin' waterfalls in it
Behind the double doors it look like it's a mall in it
F*ck her good, bend her over, then I fall in it
Pair of Chuck Taylor's, I rarely call tennis
All the locc's sport'em, and they all menace
From a nickel rock the Louboutin's on any block
Public transportation our Lamborghini's on Rickenbacker
Still under surveillance, look over you haters
Right back to this money, I'll get with you later
I'm stackin' this money, can't do you no favors
I'm f*ckin' with Stalley, we still on the pavement


[Verse 3: Meek Mill]
Rolex, I get more sex
Ho's tryna hang like coat check
Four's on the rang nigga no sweat
And every time I'm in the bank that's more checks
And my nigga's got work no Bowflex, and my 44th Ward dogs go fetch
Two bad hoes with me and they both wet
And I stand on the corner like I protest
Till that work done, and that first come
And when the re-up came, I was the first one
Like the Re-Up Gang I had two clips, up in my new glicc, ready to hurt something
Cops came, I ain't heard nothin'
Rock came, I served somethin'
Started off with that.oz and tried to flip that bitch to a whole ki'
I'm OG, you know me
Your work high, I'm low key
I started off with like four quarters and it was tie game, I went OT
Your girlfriend she so freak, eat the dick till she OD
Gotta yellow Rollie, with a yellow bezel, and them rocks in it like cold pink

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