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Stalker Lyrics

Zero Zone Lyrics
"In an unknown future, in a different place
We'll be ready to live better days"

Someday in this world
There will be no more oxygen
And life on Earth will be a kind of nightmare

Dark clouds are in the air
Waiting to spit an acid rain
That will blind our eyes and change our days

There is no one here to stop me
I'm ready to live my new life
Cause I've spent my days in this sick world
And now I finally realize

It's time - to begin a travel trough the time
The way - is clear and I am ready to taste the smell of the fresh air
Like I've never tasted before

Zero Zone
Maybe it's our last choice
The last chance to life carries on
Our chance to survive Is to try to find the way to a new galaxy
That will lead us to the
Zero Zone
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