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Stakka Bo Lyrics

Here We Go Lyrics
Here we go again
here we go go go
to the temple of consumption
get your gear and start to spend
here we go go go with total dedication

As some sort of prototyps I serve to be
you see tomorrow's dream has never been part of me
consume today and leave the rest behind you
tomorrow's a surprise party buy a ticket too
faster livin' faster live as fast as you're able
you better eat the food while it's still
hot on the table spend if you can

the greens are burning in your pocket
if you spend it right now you'll get as high as a rocket

Everything you don't use will loose it's value tomorow
consume to much today and you can always borrow
this paradigm's the best one since the day of creation
get your gear and shape up this is the ... ?
shop till you drop has built this civilization
don't believe what you hear 'bout the next generation
if you go wtih a lot of toys you'll slip away a happy man
the greens are burning in you pockets just spend it whil you can

The moon and the stars they all look down on me and say
there's a correlation between tomorrow and today
I say you won't gain a thing on that sick repudiation
we're right here right now that's the only situation
you can't fool me we live on borrowed time
so I spend the funds I have down to the nickel and dime
check it in ceck it out it's not a matter of contention
get your gear shape up and join the church of consumption

Use it in wear it out than throw it all away
go get yourself a new one all you gotta do is pay
because the more I will get the more I will own
with a lot of things around me I won't never fell alone
I work around the check just to earn my livin'
and I wanna get I won't spend my funds on givin'
now I'm acting irresponsible is that what you say
somalia got my toaster just the other day
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