The Stairs - Welcome To Confusion Lyrics

The Stairs Lyrics

Welcome To Confusion Lyrics
Welcome to confusion
welcome to the dance
where there's only one song
and it goes on and on
and you don't stand a chance

welcome to heartbreak
welcome to the show
where you're crying out loud
in the gathering crowd
and there's no one you know

welcome to the train wreck
to the end of the line
to the end of the rope
that is strangling the hope
that is mangling your mind

welcome to disaster
to the game of the ghost
where each mistake made
is a compliment paid
to the implacable host

oh, what a beautiful feeling
oh, at the end of all days
oh, when your senses are reeling
be grateful that you won't go through it again

I am the anger
that will not subside
the thorn that is driven
the word that is written
deep on the inside

I am the insight
from which you must flinch
when you've finally found
you've been standing your ground
because you can't move an inch


I am mediocrity
I am your best friend
I am that which will guide you
and will walk beside you
to embitter your end

I am the answer
I make everything clear
I am everything
I am everyone
Babe, I am nowhere

I am the confluence (in your heart, in your heart)
I am the dissonance (in your heart, in your heart)

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