The Stairs - The Far Away People Lyrics

The Stairs Lyrics

The Far Away People Lyrics
Got a flashlight light on my pillow
got a blindfold in the car
got a cork screw in my pocket
and I don't know where you are

got amnesia on my birthday
flew the coop on Halloween
memorized two dozen volumes
of the annotated essays of the far-away team

Every house has a microphone
every house has a microphone
every house has a microphone
the far-away people will record there when you're not at home

they live in telephone wires
they breath the length of the miles
they're absolutely in your tv
(can you see me? can you see me?)
and they're getting close all the while

can you keep a deadly secret?
about the documents they store
paying close attention
to the details that you ignore

break your plans
drive your car
bring your love
save your life
the far-away people are right

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