The Stairs - Oh! Sunday Morning Lyrics

The Stairs Lyrics

Oh! Sunday Morning Lyrics
There's a light that's shining, Sunday morning
it's where I want to be
where the river meets the trees
the sun is singing all over me

there's a house in the valley, reeling with the
of the people inside
see the laughing bride
see the young man drunk on his pride

I want to stay here the rest of my life
you know this time, well, I feel all right

there's a cloud of bluebirds up in the grey sky
moving like a dream
you know that I believe
at last, the world is happening to me

and at night there's a rhythm to the darkness
pulling like a train
it let's me know I'm home
it tells me so that I'm not alone


and from my rocking chair, I'll send you letters, dear
to let you know that I'm thinking of you
the springtime is so clear, we all wish that you were
the tall green grass is whistling for you

there's a church made of flowers, high on a mountain
it's Sunday morning, all right,
and every spark of light
is like a prayer, it's perfect and bright


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