The Stairs - Memory School Lyrics

The Stairs Lyrics

Memory School Lyrics
Just imagine a small town
where the tiniest sound
goes tumbling down

Just imagine you're a teen scream
on a twenty foot screen
you know what I mean

In you town
All around
There was a little old lady
Who lived two doors down

And she can't get to sleep at night
she asked you to come over
snd turn off her nightlight
you sang her to bed
three weeks later
she was deader than she's ever been

La la la la
It was the best of times
It was the worst night of your life
La la la la
Your mother chased you 'round
with a big old kitchen knife
La la la la
Your car's on empty
but you drive around anyways
La la la la
You're a second class student
at a grade A memory school

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