The Stairs - Forty Two Lyrics

The Stairs Lyrics

Forty Two Lyrics
42 pictures of you
each one a different shade of blue.
I know it seems that sometimes I don't care
but 42 blue ribbons in your hair:
each one for the days I'm not there.

42 pictures of me
all while I watching tv.
I know I'm gonna leave you high and dry.
Cross your heart - stick a needle in your eye.
And these might be things I cling to by and by.

Black Ship Sail On Back Again
Hard, Too Hard - Three Gold Hearts

42 shades of you
each one an excuse you used
I know you wanna hold them while you stand
but you can't 42 in your hand
and you can't smoke these because they're not your
streetlights spark out spotlights, airplanes land.

42 Radio And Shore!
86 Liquid Lock And Door!
27 Always Runs To Stay
like 42 pictures did today.
And it seems like I have run out of things to say
so I sit and watch the pictures fade away.
So I sit and watch the pictures fade away.
Black Ship Sail On Back Again!
Hard, Too Hard- Three Gold Hearts.
Nothing seems to work for me these days.
It's Alright. It's Alright.
Black Ship Sail On Back Again!

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