The Stairs - Escape Clause Lyrics

The Stairs Lyrics

Escape Clause Lyrics
Magician steps into a photo booth
he's taking pictures to remind you
that not every illusion's untrue
I drag a sun spot down to your door

I translate tv for the girl with the cough
and mark the days as the tattoos rub off
now the committee suspects I've gone soft
I drag a sink hole out of the ground

I know you hate this moon marching holiday
and the potion convertor's wife May
I know the names of six hundred sixty six stars
and men who's allegience leaves scars
escape, escape clause

a tribe of half men live under the bridge
killing rabbits to feed all their kids
I'm living with them till they set of the squibs
and they abandon the company store

hieroglyphics appear in my x-rays
my flight for Egypt takes off at 8
there's a man who can decipher I pray
I'm a vessel for somebody's code


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