Stack$ - M.I.A. Lyrics

Stack$ Lyrics

M.I.A. Lyrics
(feat. Diddy)

[Intro: Diddy]
MIAMI BITCH! Aiyyo Stack$! Yo Stevie you readie?
Represent where we from! They call me Diddy!
MIA!.. MIA! As we proceed!

[Verse: Stack$]
Uh, Unda the palm trees or in the SoBe Live
Sipping Dom P, and I don't need to talk
The money do that for me, keep shaking it
I like the way you do that honey
Watch em work, take a wiff
You know I got that purp
Chicks waitin' in the car and they poppin' percs
And roofies, while Im in the club on the hunt for a groupie
To do me and her, after tonight I ain't seein' her
I'm tryin' to find a freak for me and her
But I got to strap up, Shorty got a 1000 miles on her
F*ck around and have me peeing puss
I'm just joking, rolling up smoking
2 steppin' round the club rum and cokin'
2 winks and a drink and she open
Talking bout how she like Girls, Girls, Girls

I like the sun, I love the beaches
I keep it pimpin' shake all the leaches
All y'all in Cali, keep hittin' switches
Down in the dirty, keep diggin' ditches
I'm in the MIA
You know where to find me [x2]

I'm in the MIA
Throw it up if you with me [x2]
Don't find yourself MIA

[Verse: Stack$]
This fo' my G's in the MIA
I can't forget ya, Riding big in them 76's
Coupdavilles, Young boys shootin' to kill
On the porch, doing them pills
Don't get it confused
I'm addicted to the money, cars, women and booze
This is just like you, you know this man
So don't get lit up like the dro in his hand
I'm all that and, a extra clip
Not from the hood, but in the hood they respect a pimp
So I stroll on by with a extra limp
Hold my head real high like a stand up guy
Wealthy, arrogant and I'm fly
Strapped in the Phantom and I'm high
Like my ho's brainless and my weed lime
If it ain't on 24's then we don't ride, right?


[Verse: Stack$]
Tight from head to toe when you see me
Getting' treated like the president in privé
STACKS, You know the name mean money
Spell it right ma I put some Cris in ya tummy
You like it, Yeah, You excited, Uh huh
I got some kush you wanna roll it up and light it, Okay
I'm from the home of the speed boats and C-Notes
Dolphins, the heat, and cheap coke
Black cars and brink trucks when we roll
Haters get sick around him 'cause he's cold
And keep loads of millionaire floosies
My life's like a movie, you dudes don't move me
I'm too hot for TV, Drop the top on the phantom, oooh
You got to see me
Polished and waxed, beeping at broads
They want a ménage, f*ck me and my cars, and that's hard!


[Diddy Outro Ad Libs]
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