STACIE ORRICO - Confident Lyrics


Confident Lyrics
Come a little closer
You're my confident

When the sun fades into the night
And my thought drift across the day
There's a feeling I am holding tight
And I'm thankful that you're just a prayer away
I've been longing for the one who shares my heart

come a little closer
you're my confident
you're the one who comforts me

its so hard in this shallow age
to find a more faithful friend
when I call on your sweet name
you're right beside me and you stay until the end

come a little closer
have I told you
you're my confident
and I know you are here

oh your careful with all my secrets
I tell you my heart whatever I feel
with you I know I can be real
you know what ill say before I start
you're the keeper of my heart

yes you are
you're my confident
I know you are listening
I see your face and have no fear
inside my heart ill let you see
you can keep my secret

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