Sleeping With Sirens - November Lyrics

Sleeping With Sirens Lyrics

November Lyrics
Everyday is all the same
Like no matter what the recent is the seasons never change
I think of all the time I spent
Drifting far away and zoning out as I'm clocking in
Tell my love ones that I wish them well

There's a fire in this November sky
It's burning up
Burning up
They'll remember me tonight
There's a fire in this November sky
It's building up
Building up
And they'll remember me tonight
In this town
In this town

Whoa, whoa, whoa

Their alarms ring in the sky (Sky)
The voices sing the lullabies as the ashes learn to fly (Ashes learn to fly)
And this will be my holiday
No more living with my fears because I gave them all away
Tell my loved ones that I wish them well


And the flames are running high
Red flashing lights light up the sky
And they will run to it
They glide and melt away
Into the night


Whoa Whoa
They'll remember me tonight in this town
Whoa, Whoa

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