Sheryl Crow - Reach Around Jerk Lyrics

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Reach Around Jerk Lyrics
Wake me up when you are over
Cause I don't want to hear you say
That you've got worries on your shoulder
Well, I'd love to say they'd up and go away

I know that you ain't cryin'
But that don't mean that you don't feel
Deep inside you might be dying
That may be the only thing that's ever real

It's a reach around jerk in a button-down shirt
Talking sweet to keep all the little people happy
When the talk is cheap, the shit gets deep
Better face reality that everybody's had a bad day or two
They don't treat you like the way you think they should
So you lick your bitter wounds, turn and blame the government
Establishment, hide your head so no one sees you when you're down
Wake me up when you are over
Let me know how long it took
If you ever need my sympathy
Honey, here's how deep you're gonna have to look

I know when you get older
You'll learn the art of how to please
But right now you're just getting colder
And my love is gonna bring you to your knees


If you need me, I am able
And if you need me, I'll be here
But when you reach across the table
Honey, you won't find me shedding any tears

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