Sheryl Crow - Nobody's Business Lyrics

Sheryl Crow Lyrics

Nobody's Business Lyrics
It's gettin' late again tonight
Maybe you should just spend the night
It ain't wrong as long as we think it's alright

You don't have to park a block away
Or sneak out before the break of day
Well if the neighbors see you who cares anyway

It's nobody's business what we do
Let 'em all talk if they want to
It's nobody's business if I love you
Oh and I love you
Like nobody's business

Gossip makes the world go 'round
Especially in this stupid town
Somebody's probably drivin' by talkin' trash right now

(Repeat Chorus 2x)

Let 'em talk. let 'em talk
They don't know about us
No they don't know about us

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