Sheryl Crow - Homecoming Queen Lyrics

Sheryl Crow Lyrics

Homecoming Queen Lyrics
Twenty-eight shouldn't look this old
But the last ten years sure took their toll
On the girl in the picture with the plastic crown
That sequined dress wouldn't fit her now
Like it did before the kids

Yeah, She loves her husband 'cause she said she would
Oh, it ain't so bad but it ain't so good
She swore she wouldn't get stuck in this town
Now she's cuttin' coupons two doors down
From her mom and it goes on

Yeah too bad life ain't a local parade
In your uncle's corvette on a Saturday
With all the little girls waitin' on you to wave
When you're seventeen
You don't know that you won't always be
Homecoming queen

Newspaper clippin' and a sash in a box
Are the only things that didn't get lost
She married a guy on a real estate sign
And it's hard to believe once upon a time
She was royalty, the girl we all wanted to be

(Repeat Chorus)

Or the captain of the team
And it ain't what it seems
It's just a teenage dream

(Repeat Chorus)

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