Sheryl Crow - Best of Times Lyrics

Sheryl Crow Lyrics

Best of Times Lyrics
I got a custom continental
Made in 1965
With a 'save the planet' sticker
It makes it kinda hard to drive
I got a big house full of apples
And I'm a big fan of both kinds
I know one can keep the doctor away
And one can sure mess with your mind

It's the best of times
It's the worst of times
Might not change your world
But I'm changin' mine
Channel 13 swears
Our best days are behind
But not mine
Whoa not mine

Well my toys are made in China
My guitar's from Mexico
My frozen food comes from Japan
Give me a dog from Chicago
I need to take myself to Yellowstone
Climb up to that blue ridge too
Remind myself what's beautiful
About the big red, white and blue

(Repeat Chorus)

Well I woke up this mornin'
I got down on my knees to pray
'Cause the Mayan time has done run out
But my calander's full of days

(Repeat Chorus)

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