Shampoo - Shiny Black Taxi Cab Lyrics

Shampoo Lyrics

Shiny Black Taxi Cab Lyrics
Oh - Woah........

We're In A Shiny Black Taxi Cab

Cruising Through Busy Streets!

Neon Lights Shining Bright

On Shiny Black Leather Seats!

Hang A Left Hang A Right!

On The Corners Outta-Site!


Midnight Traffic Light Green's For Go-Go!

Backstreet Joyride, We Love Soho!

Chorus #1

Shiny Black, Shiny Black!

Shiny Black Taxi Cab!

When You're Trowing Up

You Feel Bad

In A Shiney Black Taxi Cab!

In A Shiny...

Taxi Cab!


Our Meter's Doing Overtime

Suberbia Has Gone To Sleep!

As The City Starts To Come Alive

And Everybody's On The Street!

Late Shows! Adult Mags!

Sleezy Brown Dirty Macs!

Bridge x1

Chorus #2 x1

Shiny Black, Shiny Black!

Shiny Black Taxi Cab!

Havin' The Most Fun You've Ever Had

In A Shiny...

Taxi Cab!

Spoken Male Voice:

"Plumstead? You Must Be Joking."

Chorus #1 x1

Chorus #2 x1

Spoken Male Voice:

"D'you Know I Had Them Girls In

The Back Of The Cab The Other Week

Sick All Over The Back Seat

I Had To Charge 'Em Double

They Ought'a Bring Back The Birch

You Know, Bring Back National Service

Bring Back Hanging! Hanging?

Hanging's To Good For 'Em

I'm Not Prejudice Or Anything

You Know These Mini-Cab Drivers...

They've Got No Tax, No Insurance

Some Of 'Em Don't Even Have A Bleedin' Car!

Anyway John, Where Yer Wanna Go Then..."
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