Shampoo - Me Hostage Lyrics

Shampoo Lyrics

Me Hostage Lyrics

Suck Me In And Spit Me Out

The Way You Always Do!

Kill Me One More Time,

Or Any Time You Want To!


Lust For Me Boy,

Pure And Evil!


And It's Me, Hostage,

Dangerous And Drole!

And It's Me, Hostage,

But I'm In Control,

I'm In Control!

Complete Control!

Overkill Is All The Rage,

And Under Age Is Too!

Innocence And Ignorance!

But Playing Dead 'Aint You!

Bridge x1

Chorus x1

I Play Dead For You....

I Play Dead For You....

Repeat 1st Verse x1

Chorus x1

I'm In Control....
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