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Kinky Ken Lyrics
Kinky Ken And Bondage Barbie,

They Ran A Hotel By The Sea,

They Never Had No Vacancies.

Kinky Ken And...

They Get Complaints From The Residents

Living Next Door {What Did They Say?}

They Couldn't Get To Sleep 'Til Quarter To Four

{And Why Was That?}

Ken And Barbie Always Wanna Party.

There's Something Very Strange About

The Couple In Number Thirty-Three

Kinky Ken And Bondage Barbie

They Always Dressed In PVC

Never Needed Plastic Surgery

If You Wanna Know What Happens Next

Just Hang Around Me

{What Happend Next?}

Well The Police Came A Knockin' On The Door

{What Did They Say?}

What You Been Doin' Is Against The Law

{Did They Get Nicked?} No They Didn't

It Wasn't Like TV

The Witnesses Are Coming In....

Follow Me....

Kinky Ken And Bondage Barbie

Nery Got Took Into Custody

They Gave The Police Their First

Freebee. If You Wanna Know

What Happens Next.

Kinky Ken And Bondage Barbie

They Lived Hapily By The Sea.

Night And Day There Was Always Parties

Kinky Ken And Bondage Barbie.

Bondage Barbie
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