Shampoo - Game Boy Lyrics

Shampoo Lyrics

Game Boy Lyrics
Got A Game I Can Play Got A Game Boy

Life Can Be So Sweet,

If You Weren't Hangin' Out On The Street!

Time Goes So Slow,

Till You Get A Trick In Bed...

Off You Go-Go!


Level 2, Level 3, Level 4!

Try To Beat Your Highest Score!

Steppin Up Into Overdrive,

If You Can Stay Alive,

How Can You Be So Dumb,

You Get Used By Everyone...

Got A Game I Can Play Got A Game Boy...


Game Boy, 'Aint You Got No Brains Boy!

If You Don't Get Sick Of It All!

You're Still On The Game Boy!

Flesh Is Reality,

There's More To Life But What Can It Be?

Games, On A Loan,

You're Always Searching

But You Just Can't Find Home!

Bridge x1

Chorus x1



You're Still On The Game Boy....
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