Shampoo - Delicious (Karaoke Version) Lyrics

Shampoo Lyrics

Delicious (Karaoke Version) Lyrics


You're So Old And We're So Young,

We're Gonna Have Some Fun,

'Cause We Want To! We Don't Wanna

'Cause No Fuss,

You Wanna Be With Us,

We Don't Want To!


C'mon, C'mon, C'mon We're Not Done

Or Down On Our Knees! ...

{Down On Our Knees!}

C'mon, C'mon, C'mon It's Just Begun,

We Can Do What We Please!



Running Wild In The City Late At Night!


Powder Pink Don't You Think We're Outa-Site...

Feels So Right....

What The Hell Is Here For Us,

We're Getting On That Bus,

'Cause We Got To!

No One's Under Twenty-One,

So We Just Can't Go Wrong,

Does That Haunt You?

Bridge x1

Chorus x1

Yeah! Yeah!

Chorus x1

Feels So Right....


Feels So Right.....
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