Shakey Graves - Word of Mouth Lyrics

Shakey Graves Lyrics

Word of Mouth Lyrics
i see a girl thats blue like the sea
when i go to sleep you know that she sees me too
standing around like the popular kids
hoping saint peter will let us in too

he says if you value your life stay off the drugs
if you value the drugs stay off the map
if you value maps you better travel son
if you dont want to travel than you better run

i knew a king in his purple throne
he had some trouble so hes all alone now
oh i used to bring him little presents from time to time
hed sit me in his castle and hed pick my mind

he said if you value your heart stay on the road
if you value the road stay on the top
if you value the top youre gonna suffer son
if you dont want to suffer then you better run

well i see my boss in his practical suit
ill toss him in the cellar wont give him no food
when anybody tries to tell him what to do he holds his breath until he turns blue

he says if you value your job stay out of crime
if you value the crime stay out of doors
if you value them doors you better lock em son
if you dont want to lock em you better buy a gun

so finally i saw a snake in an apple tree
you know i didnt trust a word that he hissed to me
he said it must be gettin awful lonely tryin to save the world
just buy a collared shirt and try and f*ck some girls
he says if you value your limbs stay in the game
if you value the game stay in the style
if you value that style youre a sinkin sun
if you dont want to sink then you better run

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