Shakespeares Dog - To Be Alone Lyrics

Shakespeares Dog Lyrics

To Be Alone Lyrics
Dave Preston)

Gotta stop me from going crazy
Pull the reins in on me
I needn't lobby so hard
If it's not meant to be

But it's been two years now
And I've had quite enough
Of playing solitaire
And it's getting rough

To be alone
To be alone
To be alone
To be alone

Six of one, half dozen of the other
It was all the same you see
Until I felt all the things
That you do to me

Prepare for the crushing blow
That seems to haunt me
And shatters my misguided faith
And winds up leaving me


But please have the decency
Not to patronize me
You can flatten my hopes and dreams
But leave my dignity

'Cause it's all I hve to
Keep me company
Take it and there's nothing left
And I'm truly left to be


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