Shakespeares Dog - Finally The Truth Lyrics

Shakespeares Dog Lyrics

Finally The Truth Lyrics
Chris Jackson)

Don't lean down to kiss me
Don't put your hand on mine
Cause I need my hands to hide my face
Cause I know it's just a matter of time

Every time you touch me
I just can't take the guilt
And I get sick when you punch out a brick of every wall I've built

And I don't know what you expect from me
Cause all I want to be just isn't enough

This has been coming long time
And I'm amazed I've lasted so long
And I'm amazed that I'm not dazed, that I can't even write this song

Yeah, you've got lot of problems
And I've got my share of mine too
But it seems llike mine just got bigger in time
The time I spent worrying about you


Everyone's had their wild years
Everyone's had their kicks
But I missed out on that
Running behind the pack and trying to catch up is a bitch

I'm treating you with honesty
The very best that you deserve
Any less would be cruel and I know you're no fool
What purpose would deceiving you serve?


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