Shakespeares Dog - Astronomy Lyrics

Shakespeares Dog Lyrics

Astronomy Lyrics
Chris Jackson)

She climbs the fire escape up to the roof
Up to her trusty telescope
Escapism's her last refuge
The only way she can cope

The Milky Way's at peace tonight
Unlike anywhere else in her world
She's looking for a guiding light
Within a universe unfurled

Save me
Is it wrong of me
To worry?

Everything runs like clockwork here
Like some grand Goldberg design
Absolute existance without the fear
But it's got nothing to do with mine

How did everything get so skewed?
She really tries to understand
Every time she loved all she got was screwed
And that wasn't what she planned


The clock up on the wall keeps ticking faster everyday
And as people we show no sign of slowing down
We're killing off each other in innovative ways
The apocalypse has checked a room in your town


she goes out to the edge of the roof and looks down at her anthill home
They've stripped the carcass of all the truth
And left her nothing but gleaming bones
The more complex man becomes the more primative he returns
The hatred can't be breeded out and the glowing kernel ember burns


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