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Take Another Shot Lyrics
Take Another Shot

Take another shot
Remember what we've got
You know you make me hot boyfriend
I don't need you
But I really miss you

You're doin' it again
When is it gonna end
Disown you as my man boyfriend
I don't need
But I really miss you

Verse 1 (Naomi)
I like the way you walk
Let's get to when you talk
It's never dirty baby
But it seems to me
We act so silly
When you're fighting with me honey
It's only for awhile
And it ends up a smile
Coz you always blame it on me
I love the thought of you
I know you want me to
But I feel that I don't need you


Verse 2 (Simone)
I like the way you smile
I'll go the extra mile
It's close to dreamin' daily
I know I can awake
I get a belly ache
When you're not with me honey
And I know sometimes
We tend to cross our lines
But I still love you baby

Can't you read my mind
I know you think I'm fine
But I feel I don't need you


There's somethin' about this man
That makes me wanna hold his hand
I've got a gammin' plan
To be your number one jam
Are you feelin' this
Can you handle this
See if you can hold yourself from bouncin' to this

Oh Take Another Shot (x 4)

This is what I'll do
Oh baby this is what I'll do
Oh baby this is what I'll do tonight

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