Shakaya - Sublime Lyrics

Shakaya Lyrics

Sublime Lyrics
I got feeling, tell me what you're feeling

I've got a feeling you don't mind
Boy I've been taking up your time
Tell me what you're feel what's on your mind
Everything is sweet it's sublime

Showing off on the big court
Making moves that can never be taught
You're so fine that's what I thought
Baby, the moment from the tip off

Can you hit it to the backboard?
Then come and tell me if you can afford
To play one on one in my court
Baby, yeah! That's what I thought

Chorus x 2

If you can be my man come step into play
I'll be your coach, I'll train every day
And I don't even care what the refs gotta say
Cause they don't know, don't know the game we play

Can you step into my sideline?
You're so fine no more wasting my time
What's your aim and what's your goal now
Baby, I ain't gonna take no fouls

Chorus x 2

I got what you want baby
I got what you need baby
I got what you want baby
Got what you need


We can play, baby take me on
One on one, wanna see you sweat
Wanna see you gettin' it on
When the whistle blows
I'll be your true referee
Baby gotta let you know
That you will be playin' for me
So what's your fee
When you step on the court
Because this game is too short
To be pretending to lending you things
That I've never been taught
Coz ya so fine
Can ya give me a sign
Coz ya - ya sublime
And I'll do anything to make you mine

I got feeling, tell me what you're feeling

Chorus x3
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