Shakaya - Stop Callin' Me Lyrics

Shakaya Lyrics

Stop Callin' Me Lyrics
Chorus x 2

Stop callin me, callin me
Please stop stalking me, stalking me
Just a fantasy, fantasy
That you have with me

(Verse 1)
Well I'm dressed
Ready for a night with the girls
Hair stiff with gel
Just for my curls
Not out for hooks
Just for a look
She lied as she tried to introduce me
To her friend
I shook his hand and said
'' I gotta man ''
From the look that he gave
A woman that he craves
I'm just trying to behave

Chorus x2

At home, a knock on the door
Then the phone, pick it up some
Breathing then a tone
Check the door
But whoever was there is gone
Who knows who left the letter with the rose
Regret it
Don't forget i got a man at home
My point, ya!
Gotta leave me the hell alone

Chorus x 2

Don't call me on my phone
And tell me how did you find my home
Your causing trouble for me and my man
I'll never be your woman

Chorus x 4
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