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Shakaya Lyrics

Never Tried Lyrics
Never Tried

Verse 1 (Simone)
One night I looked into the sky
Sweet thoughts of you just passed me by
Stars twinkling right up into space
I see your face

Verse 2 (Naomi)
I'm lookin' deeper into your eyes
But all I see just makes me wanna cry
And nothing stops the hurt inside
Coz what I feel is just a pain for goodbye
Now you're saying that I never tried

Chorus (x2)
I never tried to be lonely
You never gave me a chance
All I wanted was to be romanced

Verse 3 (Simone)
One night I looked into your heart
There was an empty space where I thought I would be
And now I don't know where to start
I'm used to you and me
I guess love has a fee

Verse 4 (Naomi)
Why do we never see the signs
It seemed so real this love but why was I
So blinded by your lies
Now I just don't have the time



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