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Shakaya Lyrics

Mr Dj Lyrics
Mr DJ DJ, Playin' this song
Mr DJ DJ, All night long
Mr DJ DJ, We get along
Mr DJ DJ, We can't go wrong

I gotta lil somethin' for ya
I gotta lil somethin' for ya
DJ DJ (x2)

Verse 1 (Naomi)
DJ Play this song
All night long
And I'll be like
I'm never gonna be gone

Coz the beat is strong
I know I belong
In a place like this
And I know that it can not be wrong

I see a man
He likes to stare
I know he better prepare
Coz he knows I will compare him to the rest
I look for the best
With a smile like that
you better not be dancing with both feet on the left


Verse 2 (Simone)
You smile at me
I smile at you
You wanting me
And I'll be wanting you too

Give me energy
With your melody
I'm in ecstasy
Every time I get close to you

So DJ do you like the way
I'm movin' to the freaky beats that you play
Is it okay
The cat's away
Mice to play
I got the hots for you DJ DJ
It's never enough for me DJ DJ


Hey DJ keep the music pumpin' tonight
Can't you see we all want to break it down
There's hype in the air
Everyone's there
We want to break it on down, break it on down tonight Mr DJ
(break it on down tonight Mr DJ)

Chorus (x2)
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