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Everything Lyrics

Boy you know you want me

Everything that you say
Everything that you do
Makes me want to stay
Makes me love you

It's the way that you smile
And that look in your eyes
Felt like this for awhile
Damn I like your style

I see you lookin' at me
Now I'm gettin' happy
It's because you want me

Boy your hot and I can't take it
Just the way you shake it
Love I want to make it

I've gotta tell you're so fine
Do I stay on your mind
You're mine

So excited I get too shame
Don't wanna play your game
Don't wanna be the same


I see ya when your walkin'
Even when your talkin'
To your little girlfriends
But baby I'm the main attraction
I m your sacicsfaction
I dont want this feeling to end.

Are you thinkin bout me
Like i'm thinkin bout you
Are you crazy for me
Like i'm crazy for you
Its true so true

Boy don't make me touch your body
Or I might wanna hurt somebody
Boy you're makin' me go silly
Every time you're gettin' near me (x2)

Chorus (x2)


I'm thinkin' about what to do
You are tellin' me that you want me to (Want me to) (x2)

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