Shadowthrone - From Our True Soul Lyrics

Shadowthrone Lyrics

From Our True Soul Lyrics
The ancient black spirit still lives
The ancient black heart still beats
Now the earth in cemetery is still icy and mysterious fog flies
We are so few left but we still believe in the black

The night for us is still attractive
The pale moon still puts a spell on us
Our souls swirl when we hear the singing of ravens and wolves
We still believe in demons and symbols

We kept our mind during the changes
Our faith remained true and dirtless
We don’t follow new conventions and there’s no shame in us
Because we are proud of adoring the ancient brew

A song about the darkness, a song about the evil
A sound about a demon, a sound about the black
The old path is overgrowed with rank, because few feet tread on it
And though our footprint wasn’t there at the beginning, but it will be at the end

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