Shadows Land - L.U.X. - N.O.X. Lyrics

Shadows Land Lyrics

L.U.X. - N.O.X. Lyrics
[Music: Aro / Lyrics: Saymoon]

Higher, higher and higher
I raise my hands towards a Dog-Star
Harder, harder and harder
to touch the Absolute gates
Deeper, deeper and deeper
I turn my eyes to the inside
To see embodiment of the five senses

I draw a circle with a wand's end
Hexagrams' blades I want to turn loose
In all four directions
And to break loose free

Come, come closer
To join in Sacrament
Lay down in rosecross sign
My name is L.U.X, her name is N.O.X

Ritual space opens its arms
Let nothing be forbidden
Good-bye, trimorphic god
being fed by the weakness of your faithful ones

In a gold chalice I rise nectar
from sperm and her vaginal discharge
Let's drink, drink my sweet child
to the glory of Ancient Gods from stars
who initiated our race...

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