Shadowside - Baby in the Dark Lyrics

Shadowside Lyrics

Baby in the Dark Lyrics

Whenever you feel there's no reason to trust that people ain't out for your life
It's when you break down in your bed, when lights go out

No one gets too close, there's no one that you love
You feel they cannot be allowed
To know what's really inside your head then you see that

Now when no one tells the truth that you've been searching for
The voices in your head will just speak louder

Baby in the Dark
So numb insine
Dreams torn apart

You're sipping your drink, feeling so hot
Trying way too hard to look so nice
Everyone's a friend, you're feeling alright

Think you're fun, think you are so cool
When you behave like someone who you are not
You are so scared to speak your real mind

Teh when you're alone it seems there is
No place to go
Your mind is blank and your are helpless like a

Baby in the Dark
So numb insine
Dreams torn apart
Baby in the Dark
Losing your mind
Freezing your heart

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