Shadow Of The Colossus - Inborn Infamy Lyrics

Shadow Of The Colossus Lyrics

Inborn Infamy Lyrics

Bereft of life, feeling is nonexistent.
organs melting pulling my psyche into an endless macrocosm of misery.
Deconstruction leads to wellness.
This self inflicted iron cudgel is demolishing my brains into the concrete.
fragments of skull flying through the air.
Temptations beleager us deceiving our hopes surrounded with guns. Inching
closer, exemption feels within grasp.
The antidote seems to be scorning me.
We all have our demons, cyclones dressed in black. Deteriorating. Withering
The sensation of arachnids beneath my skin feasting on the venomous flesh that
lies within.
A toxic bomb extracting atrocious sin.
I am a toxic bomb extracting atrocious sin.
This i have to endure.
Discomfort towers above all, a terrifying beast, flesh dripping from its
A wasteful existence.
I've tied myself up in cobwebs of destruction and lies. But in the end this
pain is temporary and its a gift to be alive.
Articulating my every poisonous decision. Articulating every poisonous

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