Shadow Keep - Dark Tower Lyrics

Shadow Keep Lyrics

Dark Tower Lyrics
Off the shores of another land

Looming dark against the sky

Stands a tower of blackest stone

That outlasts time itself

Eyes behold this evil and malevolent monument

For it has claimed so many tortured souls

Wiped out in vain

The will of fate fulfilled its rage

Ends a decade, a forgotten page

-Dark Tower-

Your kingdom come - An heir is born

We will follow and your force will grow

Fear the eye of the hurricane

Latent power still unseen

Emerging from the sacred throne

That the child king sits upon

That leader rules over this malevolent monument

For his reign has taken a mighty dreadful toll

Forging your chains

The ruins we've made in enemies' land

Women we've raped, tortured, enslaved

-Dark Tower-

Your kingdom come - A crown of thorns

We will follow, destruction will flow

Decayed remains of heroes' grave

Martyrs insane, courageous, brave

-Dark Tower-

Your kingdom come - Your blazon is worn

We will follow the flag of sorrow

(Your kingdom come)

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